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New Member Ecu Reward
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   Ecu Rewards:
Become a Vibary member, and earn 50 ecus.

New Vibary members will have 50 ecus deposited to their Ecu Chest for use on the Vibary Network.

Can I earn this reward multiple times?
The New Member Ecu Reward is granted only once, when you have successfully registered for your FREE Vibary membership.
Seriously, can I earn this reward multiple times?
We seriously do not recommend it, but you can earn this reward again by registering using a different email address. Unless you plan to maintain multiple profiles on the Vibary Network, registering multiple times just to collect the New User ecu reward may not be worth it. Our general ecu reward system is based on loyal usage and contributions. You will have many, many opportunities to earn ecus. It will be more rewarding for you to concentrate developing your single Vibary membership than spreading your effort in multiple low-impact profiles.
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