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Wager On Loot-Of-The-Week

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Wager your ecus on Loot-Of-The-Week.

With Loot-Of-The-Week, you can win gift certificates and prizes from local merchants. There is no obligation for you to purchase. If the Loot (prize) is small (such as gift cards), we will mail or e-mail to you, gratis! For hefty Loots, either we deliver them to you (also for free), or you'll need to come to the local merchants' premises to claim.

Loot-Of-The-Week is a weekly sweepstake program. Your chances to win a certain Loot depend on the amount of ecus you wager, and the amount of other Vibary members also wager on that Loot. For example, if you wager 10 ecus on Loot 1, and Loot 1 has in total 100 ecus wagered on it, then you chance is 10 over 100, which is 10%. If you like to increase your chance to win a certain Loot, you can wager the maximum allowed per Loot, which is 5000 ecus. You can wager on as many Loots as they are offered, and with any amount less than the maximum.

You don't loose when you lost!
When you wager on a Loot, the wagered ecus will be temporarily removed from your chest. If you win, your wagered ecus on that particular Loot will be permanently removed from your chest. Otherwise your wagered ecus on all the Loots that you do not win will be returned to your chest. With Loot-Of-The-Week, you have nothing to loose!

Earn Bonus Ecus  
Every 8 hours, you can click on a Loot, and earn 5 ecus for your effort. These bonus ecus will be immediately wagered on that Loot, in addition to the ones you wager from your ecu chest. If you don't win that Loot, the bonus ecus will be transferred to your chest along with your wagered ecus. You've earned them!

Remember, you only need one ecu to win. Wager more ecus only on your preferred Loots. Good luck!

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12/16: Perry Ellis - Special Deals at Perry Ellis

The Walking Co. - Special Deals at The Walking Co.
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