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As a Vibary member, you can create a non-business Calendar Event listing for public viewing.
  1. Why do I need a Calendar Event to go with other Vibary listings?

Why do I need a Calendar Event to go with other Vibary listings?
Calendar Events let local users search for dates. When other types of listings do not support an event date field, then we recommend that you create two listings, one of which is a Calendar Event listing for the event date.

For example:

  • You have an open house events for certain dates. You create a Calendar Event listing for those dates, and link it to the BazAh! Classifieds that lists your house. When the open house events are done, the Calendar Event listing can expire, but your classified listing remains.
  • You have a garage sale or yard sale. You can list this online with BazAh! Classifieds for weeks and months until the items are disposed of. For certain weekends that you decide to have a physical garage sale, you list those dates with a Calendar Events listing and link it to your classified listing for people to view your ware.

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