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You have several convenient search options. Sweepey strives to make each and every one of them give you a rewarding search experience on Calendar Events listings.
  1. Search By Listings
  2. Search By Title
  3. Search By Provider
  4. Search By Category
  5. Save Searches for Vibary members
In addition to the Calendar Events main page, you can also search from the bottom of every Calendar Events page.

Search By Listings   |   Run now
This search gives you the broadest result. Sweepey will search not only the title but also the text body of a Calendar Events page. Sometimes, the result may overwhelm you and may include irrelevant search "hits".

You can refine your Search By Listings by entering more than one keyword. The search results will include listings whose listing pages contain all the entered keywords. To further refine, you can enclose the keywords in double quotes, such as "school openings" to find only pages that have the exact quoted phrase.

The Vibary main page has the All Listings search which uses the Search By Listings to include Calendar Events results with results from other Vibary listings.


Search By Title   |   Run now
Sweepey will only search the titles of the Calendar Events listings. The title of a Calendar Events listing is the most representative part of the listing, without the fluff of the text body. Searching by titles can give you a very relevant result at the expense of missing potential listings that do not carry your keywords.


Search By Provider   |   Run now
Use this search if you are looking for events from a particular business or organization. Sweepey searches the Provider field of the Calendar Events listings to match your keywords.

The Provider field may be different than the name of the business that creates the listings. The Vibary local listing engine allows a business to use a variation of its name or even a different name in the Provider field when creating Calendar Events listings.


Search By Category   |   Run now
A local organization or business can create Calendar Events listings and tie them with a Yellow Page category. This lets you search for events related to that category. For example, you can see what events are related to the Yellow Page category School.


Save Searches for Vibary members
As a Vibary member, you can have the Vibary Network remember your Calendar Events searches by doing those searches from your My Calendar page.

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