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Sweepey presents the Loot Chances Chances.
Hi, my name is Sweepey The Loot Chances is where you can find the local win-by-chance programs such as:
  • Sweepstakes, raffles, lotteries, treasure hunts and other prize giveaways
  • Casino gambling, bingo, off-track betting and other legal gambling

In addition to listing, the Vibary Network also runs a weekly online sweepstakes, called Loots-Of-The-Week, where local businesses can give away prizes to Vibary members.

  • Save Loot Chances
    When you visit Loot Chances, you can save listings of interest in your very own My Loots portfolio.
  • Search Loot Chances
    You can find Loot Chances listings by searching by keywords.
  • Browse Loot Chances
    You can find Loot Chances listings by browsing pre-defined collections.
  • Loots-Of-The-Week
    You can play this weekkly sweepstakes of local prizes run by the Vibary Network.