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Member Review Reward
FenzPost Forums

10 ecus

for posting a review

1 ecus

for reporting on a review

   Ecu Rewards:
Review a listing and earn 10 ecus.
Report on a review and earn 1 ecus.

Review vs. Report
A review is something you post for everybody visiting the Vibary Network to read. It states your opinion about a particular listing.

A report is a factual issue you find about a review that you let the Vibary Network know. A report is accessible by the Vibary staff only. Reports help keep the Vibary Network free of "bad" reviews by Vibary user members and VIP business accounts.

Why Review and Report?
By reviewing a listing, you let the community know about your opinion. You will help your neighbors near and far find the best values, and avoid the gotchas. You can give kudos to local merchants who have given you satisfaction, or influence the local business community to improve their services.

Unfortunately, not all reviews are honest. The Vibary Network is a self-publishing site. It depends on the wisdom of its members to report malicious reviews for investigation. Reviews that are found to violate the Terms of Usae of the Vibary Network will be removed, and their authors can be further penalized.

What about the Rewards?
When you post a 150-character-minimum review the first time about a listing, you will earn 10 ecus.

You can post less than 150 characters, but you will not earn the reward.

You can post multiple times about the same listing, either by creating a new review or by replying to others' reviews. However your subsequent postings will not earn you the reward. Only your first post about a listing will earn you the Member Review reward. You can find other listings to do a first-time review to earn the reward again.

Likewise, when you first report a review on a listing, you will earn 1 ecus. Subsequent reports on that same review, or any other review of the same listing, will not earn you additional ecus. To earn the Member Report reward again, you can report from other listings. See Member Report Reward.

Only Honest Reviews and Reports
We appreciate reviews and reports that adhere to the Terms of Usage. All reviews and reports are logged. If we detect a pattern of misleading submissions just to collect either reward, all ecus from the identified reward program will be forfeited, including those that do not violate the terms of usage. Violators may be further penalized.

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