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Find An Apple Orchard - Buffalo Grove

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Buffalo Grove and Neighboring


Buffalo Grove does not have any apple orchard. Fortunately there are many orchards in Lake County of driving distance.
Buffalo Grove
Bushels of apples
Buffalo Grove:

Apple Orchards Nearest Buffalo Grove

These orchards tend to be crowded over the weekend.

Distance from Buffalo Grove:

12 mi: Heinz Orchard -- Green Oaks
16 mi: Ziegler's Orchard -- Grayslake
29 mi: More Than Delicious Orchard -- Woodstock
31 mi: Homestead Orchard -- Woodstock
32 mi: Meadowmoor Orchard -- Woodstock
34 mi: Prairie Sky Orchard -- Union
36 mi: Lang's Orchard -- Woodstock
42 mi: Royal Oak Orchard -- Harvard
51 mi: Kuipers Family Farm -- Maple Park

To avoid the crowd, come early or drive farther.

Last update: 09/13/14
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Buffalo Grove:
Take Your Pick!
The Daily Herald has issued its 2015 guide to u-pick orchards nearest to the Chicagoland Northwest suburbs. Read the guide, subscribe to the newspaper, call the orchards and let's go picking!
-- From Daily Herald
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All Metro and Beyond


Picking apples right off the trees is a cherished fall tradition in Illinois. Find the following varieties from the local farms:

Akane, Arkansas Black, Ashmead's Kernel, Banana Apple, Blushing Gold, Braeburn, Cameo, Crispin, Cortland, Cox Orange Pippin, Early Crisp, Elstar, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Ginger Gold, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious, Golden Pearmain, Granny Smith, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Jona Free, Jonagold, Jonamac, Jonathan, Liberty, Lurared, Mac Free, McIntosh, Melrose, Molly's Delicious, Mutsu, Nova Mac, Ozark Gold, Paula Red, Pink Lady, Prima, Red Delicious, Red Free, Rome, Spartan, Stabrite, Stayman, Suncrisp, Sweet 16, Tsugaru, Ultra Earli, William's Pride, Winesap

Besides apple pickings, many farms offer additional activities for the whole family:

Horse-drawn hayrides, kids petting zoos, concession stands, farmer's market, weekend festivals, live music, grilling events and more.

We have pinned many pictures from the Illinois orchards in our photo album. We have also collected the locations of many orchards mentioned below in our custom map.

Illinois Orchards

Please call or visit the orchards' web sites for apple picking schedule. In general, orchards nearer Chicago charge more. All distances are calculated from Chicago.

32 mi: Apples On Oak -- varieties and picking times, Lockport, IL
49 mi: Ziegler's Orchard, Grayslake, IL
56 mi: Gould's Cider Mill, cider and apple pressing, Elburn, IL
59 mi: Prairie Sky Orchard -- apples, Union, IL
62 mi: Meadowmoor Orchard -- apple resources, Woodstock
62 mi: Woodstock Country Orchard -- apple varieties, Woodstock, IL
62 mi: Homestead Orchard -- apples, Woodstock, IL
62 mi: All Season Apple Orchard -- apple pickings, Woodstock, IL
62 mi: More Than Delicious Orchard -- picking and pricing, Woodstock, IL
62 mi: Lang's Orchard -- varieties, Woodstock, IL
63 mi: Honey Hill Orchard -- ripening schedule, Waterman, IL
63 mi: Knutson's Country Harvest -- u-pick orchard, Newark, IL
64 mi: Kuipers Family Farm -- apple orchard, Maple Park, IL
64 mi: Pine Apple Acres, Huntley, IL
66 mi: Kishwaukee Ridge Orchard, Kingston, IL
69 mi: Plank Road Orchard, Sycamore, IL
70 mi: Jonamac Orchards -- pick your own, Malta, IL
72 mi: Trimble Run Orchard, Kirkland, IL
74 mi: Royal Oak Farm Orchard -- u-pick info, Harvard, IL
76 mi: Valley Orchard -- apple information, Cherry Valley, IL
86 mi: Curran's Apple Farm -- apple info, Rockford, IL
102 mi: Henak Orchard, Tonica, IL
106 mi: Boggio Little Mountain Orchard -- u-pick apples and pumpkins, Granville, IL
123 mi: Schneider's Orchard, Henry, IL
133 mi: Curtis Orchard -- apples ready now, Champaign, IL
142 mi: Partridge Point Orchard -- apple harvest time, Metamora, IL
147 mi: Wainwright Orchard, Hillsdale, IL
149 mi: Tanner's Orchard -- apple harvest calendar, Speer, IL
163 mi: Apple Blossom Farm -- not open in 2013, Peoria, IL
189 mi: Morans Orchard, Trilla, IL
189 mi: Okaw Valley Fruit Farm -- apple varieties, Sullivan, IL
193 mi: Christ Orchard -- pick your own apples, Elmwood, IL
202 mi: Jefferies Orchard -- seasonal notebook, Springfield, IL
223 mi: Harmony Hill Orchard, Virgnia, IL
226 mi: Grissom Lost Creek Orchard, Greenup, IL
233 mi: Twin Brook Farm, Stronghurst, IL
249 mi: C & J Orchards, Shobonier, IL
262 mi: Malham Orchards, Carlinville, IL
262 mi: Brooms Orchard -- apple harvest schedule, Carlinville, IL
266 mi: Schwartz Orchard in Mt. Vernon -- what's in season, Dix, IL
267 mi: Doll's Orchard, Pocahontas, IL
267 mi: Schwartz Orchard in Centralia -- what's in season, Centralia, IL
268 mi: Ackles Orchard, Pittsfield, IL
271 mi: Mills Apple Farm -- apples, Marine, IL
285 mi: Joe Ringhausen Orchard, Jerseyville, IL
287 mi: McAdams Apple Orchard, Brighton, IL
287 mi: Sugar Creek Orchard, Trenton, IL
311 mi: Fortschneider Orchard, Brussels, IL
311 mi: Hagen Family Orchard, Brussels, IL
313 mi: Eckert's Country Store & Farms -- apple ripening schedule, Belleville, IL
329 mi: Flamm Orchards, Cobden, IL
346 mi: Rendleman Orchard -- apple varieties, Alto Pass, IL
350 mi: Guten Tag Orchard, Chester, IL

Find more:
Last update: 09/09/15
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Indiana Orchards

Listings of Indiana orchards near the Illinois border.
42 mi: County Line Orchard -- what's ripe, Hobart, IN
45 mi: Mowry's Fruit Farm -- apple varieties and season, Crown Point, IN
69 mi: Garwood Orchards -- apple varieties, LaPorte, IN
193 mi: Anderson Orchard -- apple varieties, Mooresville, IN

Find more:
Last update: 09/08/15
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Wisconsin Orchards

Listings of Wisconsin orchards near the Illinois border.
66 mi: Apple Holler -- orchard apple, Sturtevant, WI
67 mi: Hafs Road Orchard -- apples in season, Genoa City, WI
73 mi: Harvest Time Orchard -- pick-your-own schedule, Twin Lakes, WI
73 mi: Oriole Springs Orchard, Twin Lakes, WI
76 mi: Brightonwoods Orchard -- heirloom apple varieties, Burlington, WI
79 mi: Ela Orchard -- apples and pears, Rochester, WI

Find more:
Last update: 09/08/15
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Directory Listings

You can find more orchards and apple-related articles at the following sites:
Last update: 09/05/13
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Closed Orchards

Over the years many popular orchards may have closed (to the best of our knowledge). If we are wrong, please contact us. If you miss them, please write a review about your remembrance:
Cramptons Orchard (Milan), Lynch Orchard (Maple Park), McGuires Orchard (Fairfield), Quig's Orchards (Mundelein), Schumacher's Orchard (Henry).

Last update: 09/09/15
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