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All Metro, 9/2/2021 - As part of our Vibary Network soft launch preparation, our engineers have released a back-end feature that substantially reduces the disk space used by various Vibary pages. As a Vibary front-end user, you will not see the effect of this upgrade. However it is an important upgrade to us since it will allow us to contain the cost of running the Vibary platform and to continue to offer it to you for free. While we are making money from local businesses via the Vibary Network for Business, we would like them to list their offers as much as they can so local consumers like you can help invigorate the local economy; for this, we allow local businesses to list for free or at a low cost. Since we intentionally cap our revenue potential, we are working very hard to contain our cost. Please send your comments via the Contact Us page.

All Metro, 9/1/2021 - For members only! We have upgraded the Contact Us feature to allow registered Vibary members to earn the Contact Us Appreciation Token on submission with the possibility to earn substantially more ecus if we deem the submission helpful. This feature is also extended to the Problem? feature that appears as a link on the top right corner of every Vibary page. We are now working on expanding this appreciation token to all other submissions. Contact Us to comment about the appreciation token.

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09/16: Amazon.com - Special Deals at Amazon.com
09/16: Groupon - Special Deals at Groupon
09/16: LuxeDH - Special Deals at LuxeDH
09/16: Perry Ellis - Special Deals at Perry Ellis
09/16: Staples - Special Deals at Staples
09/16: Walgreens - Special Deals at Walgreens

DiscountMags.com - Special Deals at DiscountMags.com
Meat Processing Products - Special Deals at Meat Processing Products

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