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You may already know all the icons. Sweepey hopes they are self explanatory. Let's Sweepey provide you with some additional comments. 


The Vibary Network Clicking on the Vibary logo brings you to the Vibary Network page, where you can select another community's Vibary site.

Vibary Main Page   This symbol brings you to the main page of this community's Vibary site. Since this is where everything starts, Sweepey recommends that you bookmark the page.

Member Hub   This symbol means "for Vibary Members Only". It leads you to a page accessible by Vibary Members only. You can ask for your free Vibary Membership at the Be A Member link at the bottom of any page.

Member Logoff   If you previoulsy sign in to a Vibary Members Only page, this button will sign you off. This prevents the next user of your computing device to use your Vibary membership.

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Click on one of these buttons to go to the main page of that Vibary service.


Viba Fima, The Convenience Company (c) This icon brings you to the Viba Fima's corporate home page. The Vibary Network is owned by Viba Fima, inc.

Top of page This icon brings you back to the top of the page where you can view the header.



More   Clicking on this symbol will retrieve more information on the subject at hand. 



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